Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Salon - October 4th

As anyone who is watching the NFL games today knows, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All of those burly men are sporting gear to remind us, including pink on their shoes, gloves and hats.

Unfortunately, with so much attention paid to that cause, the fact that October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month seems to have gone unrecognized. I know that I wasn't aware of it until my friend Jo, at Diggin' Around, spoke about it in a recent post. This is a cause that is near and dear to Jo's heart as she was a victim of domestic violence. After I read her post, I commented that we needed to find a button to post on our blogs. By the next morning, Jo had made this one. As the mother of a teenage daughter, I know that she will need to be proactive about breast cancer. But without a family history, she probably has ten years before she really needs to be thinking about it. Domestic violence, on the other hand, is something that women as young as my daughter need to be educated about. Thanks to Jo, my daughter and I sat down today and had a wonderful discussion about protecting herself against domestic violence. If you feel that this is an important cause, I would encourage you to wear purple this month and to post this button to remind others about this very important cause. And please, please talk to the women (and men) in your family about how to protect themselves.

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  1. Wonderful reminder on Domestic Violence, a great cause that gets lost compared to cancer.