Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Salon - November 16

I know, I know--it's not Sunday...again. But I was so wrapped up in football and AMC's "The Prisoner" that I just couldn't tear myself away from the television long enough to get on the computer. I first found out about AMC's mini-series of "The Prisoner" one evening when I was
channel surfing and came across episodes of the original television program "The Prisoner" on IFC. I had to watch the episodes. It was a flashback to my childhood. My dad and I watched it together when it was on in tv in 1967 to 1968. It certainly doesn't seem lik the kind of show a kid
would watch, but there were only four channels in those days and none of them catered to children's programming in the evening, only family shows. We also watched "All In The Family" and "I, Spy" with Bill Cosby and Robert Culp.
My dad read to my siblings and me at bedtime. I remember us as always sitting in the hall; I have no idea why we didn't sit on the sofa except that the hall spot was right by our bedrooms. In particular, I remember Mark Twain's "Tom Sawyer" and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." My dad didn't just read the books to us, he performed them.
I've mentioned that my dad is an avid reader. He is also a tremendous lover of music. All kinds of music. So that while classical music was on the car radio almost exclusively when he could find it, I also remember listening to "Woodstock" on our console stereo and one night being allowed to fall asleep on the living room sofa listening to The Chambers Brothers' "The Time Has Gone." It seems an odd choice in retrospect, but I remember it being very soothing.

As the holidays approach, I always find myself thinking of the past. At Thanksgiving, in particular, I am grateful for the very normal upbringing I was given along with the twists that made our life uniquely our own.


  1. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man with some terrific interests! lol I love books and music. I think the holidays are a time when many people think about the past, I know I do!
    My husband and I have been watching "The Prisoner" and really enjoying it. Thank goodness because I needed something to distract me from the Jets.
    I hope your Raiders fared better this week!

  2. Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful father. I love thinking back at good memories.

  3. Your dad sounds like such a great dad! I think its neat to look at old shows that remind us of the past. I'd never seen or heard of The Prisoner until the new AMC one came out this past Sunday. I watched half of it and truthfully I just got frustrated with it and turned it off. I've heard the the original is the best, so I doubt I'm missing anything with the AMC one.

  4. Those are all very special memories. I love the hall reading. Sometimes hunkering down on the floor is so much cozier than using furniture. We have a huge, empty spot behind a loveseat and my daughter and I camp out there with her books sometimes.

  5. We started watching The Prisoner Sunday too. Love it.

  6. WOW, you dad is so wonderful! I would have loved if someone would read to me... but unfortunately my dad was always busy and mom, was not interested :) but they made up by buying me tons of books when i started reading! Now I can't even remeber the books I read back then :)