Saturday, January 23, 2010

Playing Catch up (Again!) With Awards!

I received this award from Sheila, at One Person's Journey Through The World of Books.

It signifies all the bloggers out there who constantly work hard to keep an updated and insightful website. They aren’t afraid to take a bite with their honest reviews and enjoyable content. You amaze me, you inspire me so I call you a blog monster.

This is a new one for me so I've got to pass it along. This one goes to:

1. Michelle at The True Book Addict.
2. Kath at [insert suitably snappy title here...].
3. Heather from Gofita's Pages.
4. Michelle from Michelle's Masterful Musings.

I got this one from Kath, at [insert suitably snappy title here...].

Since I've gotten this one before, I thought it would fun to take this chance to introduce you to Kath if you haven't already met her. Kath lives in Taiwan (she followed a cute guy, don't you know!). She's a caffeine addict working on a Master's degree in literature. Kath's favorite book is "Wuthering Heights" and she's joining us in The Gilmore Girls Challenge partly because she wishes she was like Lorelai Gilmore. Be sure to check out her blog!

I got this one from Michelle at The True Book Addict. Michelle calls herself a non-traditional college student because she's back in school in her early 40's and majoring in history and English. Which goes a long was to explaining why she's recently decided to focus her blog on historical fiction. Besides being a book addict, Michelle is also a challenge addict so it should come as no surprise that she is also hosting a challenge, The Michener Challenge. Over the holidays, Michelle also hosted a blog called The Christmas Spirit.

From Michelle: The Christmas Spirit blog is still going on. Stop by every month on the 25th (including tomorrow) and all of July (Christmas in July) for some year-round Christmas spirit!
Be sure to keep on eye on all of her blogs!
(I have no idea why this post has decided to use multiple fonts!)


  1. Congrats on your well-deserved awards Lisa!

  2. Thanks for the award and the lovely introduction! :D

  3. Indeed, making theatre is a lot of fun! We had full house last night and people really enjoyed our play, at least what I heard from comments of the people. We still have two more performances next week and then we will start to plan our performance for next year.