Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Salon - July 29

Books? What books? It has definitely not been a week of reading for me. It was too hot most of the week for me to do my usual lunchtime reading in my car - there was no such thing as a cool shady place. That meant I had to read in the lunchroom and it's too noisy to really sink into a book. I started a book last Sunday that just wasn't working for me. Generally I try to push through, afraid that if I give up too early, I'll miss what makes the book great. This time I took inspiration from Ti of Book Chatter, and set the book aside. If you are a fan of Philippa Gregory's books, The Women of the Cousins' War would probably make a great companion to the books about these same women. On it's own, for someone who hasn't read any of those books, it just didn't work for me.

We've spent the past two weekends moving our oldest back home - and after living in an apartment with up to five cats, every fabric thing he brought into our house had to be washed by this allergic mama. My entire house looks like another house blew up inside of it and I've been working like crazy to find a home for everything. The same kid has a birthday this week so one night we celebrated that.

 I'm going to struggle to find reading time for the next two weeks as well now that the Olympics have started. I will watch any sport when it comes to the Olympics (I confessed to my new found interesting in curling in February 2010). For the summer Olympics, I'm intensely interested in the swimming events but last night I even watched women's weightlifting. I don't even like weightlifting (and I'm not sure I'll watch any more of it if it's the only sport on). But I love the stories behind the athletes, the combination of individual effort and national pride.

I am finishing Thrity Umrigar's The World We Found today. Perhaps that's another reason I've been reading more slowly. Umrigar writes books that I like to take my time with - they are marvelously complex stories I don't want to be see end. Tomorrow I'll start Courtney Sullivan's Maine. What are you reading this week?

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