Sunday, December 28, 2014

Life: It Goes On - December 28

Oh my goodness, what a busy week it's been! I had hoped to work in more down time but it seems I'm incapable of doing that! Extra time? Why not make a batch of caramel corn? Extra time? Why not pick up a few more stocking stuffers? And, of course, there's always something you're not prepared for - like neither Hobby Lobby or Michael's having a full stock of wooden letters. Did everyone make crafts this year that necessitated the purchase of letters?

This Week I've Been:

Listening To: A lot of my favorite Christmas CD's. Or as much quiet as I could get, knowing that there would be a lot of noise in my week.

Watching: A few more Christmas shows, including "Love Actually," some college basketball and bowl games.

Reading: Today I will, finally, finish The Time Traveler's Wife (barring a disastrous final fifty pages, I'm going to wish I had included this in my favorites for the year) and From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Then I'll have to figure out both a new book for my nightstand and for my everywhere-else read. What to read next, what to read??

Miss H's zebra pjs were a huge hit!
Making: Finished up a cookbook for Mini-me to give to his cousin and two wall hangings for my sister-in-law and my niece (bottom left). Also ham, fried potatoes, cranberries, puppy chow, caramel corn, three kinds of cheese dip, sugar cookies, and egg casseroles. It's been a productive week!

Planning: A major revamping of our basement. Miss H gave me a big wallhanging which has inspired me to work on a new bar area in my basement (Aunt Jo, is that bar in your attic still up for grabs?!). It's time to make our basement a real grown up retreat!

Family, food, and presents - pretty well sums up the week!

Grateful for: All of my gifts (including books!), of course, and the time I had this week to make it possible for me to really relax and enjoy the celebration. Mostly, though, I'm grateful for the time to be with our families  and to continue traditions with our kids.

Enjoying: So many Christmas goodies; but, lordy, did it feel good to hit the treadmill today.

Feeling: Blessed. And spoiled.

Looking forward to: Easing back into routine. Although I'm pretty glad to have another day and a half off this week!

I hope your week has been good, no matter what, or if, you celebrate! What are you looking forward to this week?

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