Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Day In The Life

A few weeks ago, Trish (Love, Laughter, and A Touch of Insanity) shared with her readers what both work days and days at home were like for her and now she's asking for fellow bloggers to share as well. You know, maybe all share that our lives can maybe be just a little bit crazy, a little bit less than perfect. I'll admit that I kind of forgot about doing it and probably should have done it last week which would have been a more "usual" day. Instead you get yesterday. Which had some less than normal things going on.

6:05 My alarm goes off for the first time
6:15 My alarm goes off for the second time
6:20 My alarm goes off for the third time. The emergency "just in case I shut off the first two times without getting up" alarm. I finally, literally, roll out of bed.

6:22 I hit the kitchen: start the coffee, feed the cats their wet food, then sit down for a bowl of cereal and a little reading of Light In August while out of the corner of my eye I watch the local news
6:30 I have to take a break and feed the cats their dry food...because they're high maintenance that way
6:45 Time to get in the shower, dressed and the basic makeup on

7:10 Grab my coffee, lunch, book and I'm out the door. Why yes, my hair is still wet. The car heater and a hair brush will have to do today (surprisingly, it ends up looking quite good). The rest of my makeup gets put on at red lights. Yep, I'm that woman.

7:45 Start my work day
9:00 Team meeting - what happened to snacks at these meetings anyway?
2:00 Lunch time - I've already eaten my lunch at my desk but this is my chance to break away for a bit and do some more reading
2:45 Back to work
5:15 My desk is all tidy and I'm ready to leave for the day. I'm the only person on the team whose desk looks this neat at day's end. They are all convinced this is the way I live my life. Little do they know!

5:50 Snow flakes start appearing in the rain drops. Cursing is heard in my vehicle.

6:00 Because The Big Guy is out of town this week, I stop for dinner at Applebee's, where Miss H is bartending and we can chat while she works and I eat. I did not eat all of that food but I did drink that wine in the background.

7:15 Stop by the house to give Mini-him the food I picked up for him then we load a Goodwill delivery in my Pilot. How can we have this much stuff to get rid of every few months?
7:45 Dropped off 8 bags and then we head to Lowe's looking for a rug Mini-him's bedroom in the house he's moving into this weekend. Ten minutes later, we leave empty handed.
8:10 We're going to take a twenty minute break and watch some Sweet Sixteen basketball.

9:00 Game over, we finally get to work. He works on computer stuff; I start packing his room, do three loads of laundry, move boxes into our dining room staging area and put together a plan for today.
12:20 Remember that I still have to type up this post. And that I never got the vacuuming done. I am essentially wearing cat hair slippers by the time I head up the stairs for bed. At 1 a.m.

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