Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Finds - February 12

Friday Finds is hosted by Miz B of Should Be Reading. This is my first time to give it a go--frankly, it's the first time I remembered to write down a few of the books I discovered this week. What great books did you hear about/discover this past week? Share with us your FRIDAY FINDS!

I've seen the ads for the movie version of The Last Station but only just discovered that it, like so many movies was a book by Jay Parini first.

The Immortal Life of Henriette Lacks was first brought to my attention by All Things Considered on NPR. I'm generally not one to read much about scientific matters but this case really intrigues me so I'm going to give Rebecca Skloot's book a chance.

Last but certainly not least is Citizens of London by Lynne Olson. The subtitle to this one is "The Americans Who Stood With Britain In It's Darkest, Finest Hour." One of those Americans was Edward R. Murrow whom I find endlessly fascinating. And after being immersed in history growing up, a love for it was bound to wear of on me!


  1. Citizens of London looks to be a great book. I've got it sitting on my shelf and hope to get to it soon!

  2. You found some great books. Edward R Murrow makes an appearance in the HF book, The Postmistress. I loved that

  3. Immortal Life has been getting good reviews - I'd be interested to see what you make of it.

  4. I saw Henrietta Lacks on NPR as well and it does sound very interesting. I love NPR!