Saturday, January 22, 2011

Under Construction!

Oops!  This is what happens when you try to play with your design.  I tried out a new header and it wasn't the right size.  So I decided just to go back to what I've been using until I had time to play some more.  The problem?  My original design no longer seems to fit the space.  No idea how that happened.  So my webmaster (aka Miss H) will have to help me tomorrow!

To quote Monty Python "and now for something completely different."  Spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get my header fixed and nothing is working.  Tried to download a previous version, and got an error message.  So Miss H and I have worked out something entirely new for the time being.  Until I figure out how to get that header back.  Or go to Wordpress which is a distinct possibility after all of this fighting with the header!

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