Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday Salon - April 17

If your name is Timothy Schaffert, and you've been Googling your name recently, you've found a lot to read about yourself and your book, The Coffins of Little Hope. Omaha author Schaffert's name has been appearing all over the book world this week with the publication of his fourth book (which I reviewed last week) published by my favorite indie publisher, Unbridled Books.

The New York Times reviewed The Coffins of Little Hope this week and mentioned that you could pick up Schaffert's previous books for as little as a penny a piece. As much as I dislike Amazon, I headed straight over to their site to see about getting all three of the previous books. Then a feeling of guilt overcame me. I'm all for shopping for books in the clearance bins but if I'm really committed to supporting an author, how am I helping him/her if I'm buying a used copy of a book for one cent? Instead I headed to my local indie bookstore, The Bookworm, where I got the chance to listen to Schaffert read several chapters from the book and answer questions. Then I went a paid full price for his first novel, supporting both a local writer, an indie bookstore and an indie publisher all in one purchase.

Dzanc Books, another indie book publisher also had wonderful things to say about Unbridled Books and their commitment to their authors.

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