Saturday, March 24, 2012

Once Upon A Time VI

Ever since I began blogging, I've been intrigued by the RIP Challenge, hosted by Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings, in the fall. I have no idea how I've missed that Carl also has been hosting a spring challenge called Once Upon A Time. This is a challenge custom made for me - there are four genres of books that are included in the challenge: fairy tale, folklore, fantasy and mythology. Given the number of books I've committed to for review in the coming months, I'm hesitant to jump into this challenge. But since I can also make it work with other challenges I'm participating in, I'm going to push myself a bit a join at the Quest the Second level which means that I'll be reading one book from each category between now and June 19th.


There is also a Short Story Quest and Quest on Screen and I'm planning to participate in both of those as well.

As you know, I'll have no trouble picking out books for the fairy tale and mythology genres and I think I've already chosen my folklore book but I need your help with the fantasy book. What would you suggest?

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