Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Salon - March 10

This week The Big Guy's mom passed away. We spent her last day sitting with her and the family and have spent the last two days planning funeral, cleaning out her apartment and helping each other heal. Today we're taking a mental break and catching up with life.

The Big Guy's mom and dad when they were still courting
Here's What I'm:

Listening To: My mother-in-law singing on DVD. Several years ago, she recorded/video'd herself singing songs she would like for her funeral. She hasn't been able to talk much with us in the past month so it was nice to hear her voice.

Watching: Basketball. Lots of basketball. We've watched the high school championships and both men's and women's college ball. The Shepp family loves its basketball; my brother-in-law coached for many years and it's always interesting to watch with him.

Reading: Almost nothing. Which feels so strange. I'm going to take a couple of hours today and curl up with a month. It will be just what I need to recharge my battery for the next few days. I'm starting (finally) my Maisie Dobbs book and I think it's going to be the perfect read for a distracted mind.

Making: Decisions. Who gets what, what to keep. My mother-in-law didn't have much and even so, there have already been some little tiffs. I don't know how families survive when more is at stake and there is less love.

Planning: A funeral that will be both what the original Mama Shepp wanted and what her kids need to help them find peace. She had made a lot of decisions ahead of time. I strongly urge all of you to do this and to keep it updated. So much easier for families at a time when making decisions is so difficult.

Grateful for: Thirty-three years with a woman who welcomed me into her family with open arms. She was a wonderful example of how to live your life.

Loving: All of the laughs we've had in the past couple of days. I cannot tell you how often I've laughed until I've cried.

Thinking: Spring cleaning cannot come soon enough to my house. I am more ready than ever to pitch and throw.

Looking forward to: Getting back to a normal life. The past few months have been stressful and busier than normal. I'm looking forward to being able to look forward.

Yesterday it was springlike here, in the upper 50's, sunny, smelling of the cleansing rain we had on Friday. Today - 6-8" of snow. Welcome to March in the midwest.

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