Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life: It Goes On - July 28

Happy 25th birthday to Mini-him! We celebrated Friday night with friends and family with his favorite foods. It's hard to believe this grown man could possibly be the same person who changed us from a couple to a family very early in the morning 25 years ago! We couldn't be more proud of the young man he's become!

Last night was spent on the patio with friends, fire, and refreshments. The weather here is lovely right now and even with the fire, we still needed cardigans to stay warm. Perfect!

Mini-him greeting his new baby sister
Here's What I'm:

Listening To: Tom Perrotta's The Abstinence Teacher. A third of the way in and so far we've spent most of the book getting to know the two central characters' backgrounds. I was disappointed to find an author who is so well respected refer to breasts as "pillowy."

Watching: This morning on CBS Sunday Morning they had a piece on author Nora Roberts. One of the most interesting parts of the story was hearing about the 18th-century building in a nearby town that Roberts bought, saved and turned into an inn. The room are all named after, and designed to reflect the time period of, fictional couples. I must say, I'm think I really need to go stay in the Elizabeth and Darcy room!

Reading: I'm finishing up Beth Hoffman's Looking For Me today as I wrap up the High Summer readathon. This one had me hooked from the opening paragraph. Next up is Alice Hoffman's The Ice Queen.

Making: Asian chicken salad and red velvet cake for birthday dinner, a cheesecake fruit dip for last night and this week we had our first fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella pasta supper of the season.

Planning: This week's plans are to finish up a number of projects around the house so August can be about starting new things.

Grateful for: My brother-in-law taking The Big Guy fishing this morning. I'd like to say that's because I'm happy to see BG enjoying himself, but really it's because it's so much quieter around here when he's gone!

Loving: The weather right now - so nice to be able to shut off the a/c and open the windows!

Thinking: I spend way too much time on electronic devices. I'm seriously contemplating unplugging for a week.

Looking Forward To: I'm not looking forward just now - looking forward seems to mean thinking about the fall and I'm not ready to do that yet. I'm going to be enjoying the summer, thank you very much!

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