Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bloggiesta - OLE!

With a knee that still doesn't allow me to do a lot of the bigger projects I should be doing on weekends (who knew that a meniscus repair would take so long to heal? not this girl, I'll tell you that!) and The Big Guy off on a business trip through the weekend (don't tell the bad guys who might try to break into my house that!), this is the perfect weekend for me to work on my blog. But I know me and I know I'll be distracted by a lot of bright and shiny objects along the way, including books I want need to read. So I'm not going to get overly ambitious with my plans. Here's what I'd like to get done:

1. Clean up my email - of course this is on the list, it's always on the list!
2. Write three book reviews - started all three
3. Check out the mini-challenges and try to do at least one **I've decided on my challenge but it will take some time so I'll do it tomorrow and post pics**
4. Solve my Nook problem - I've got too many books on my Nook I want to read soon
5. Write a Fairy Tale Friday post - started
6. Write a bookish news post
7. Catch up on my feed reader - I'm actually actually in pretty good shape with this for a change
8. Check out other bloggers who are participating to see what they are getting done
9. Spend some time cleaning up tags
10. Get my book club blog up to date
11. Write 2 Top Ten Tuesday posts - started

Okay, well maybe a little ambitious but many of these things won't take too long. No pressure; I'll get done what I get done.

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