Sunday, May 17, 2015

Inspiration on Mondays - Gallery Walls

An inspiration wall
Once again, Trish of Love, Laughter, and A Touch of Insanity has come up with a way to bring bloggers together, this time with a chance to show what we are being inspired by or creating.

One thing I'm always playing with around here are gallery walls that incorporate more than just one type of wall hanging. Between Pinterest and the home decor blogs I follow, there are no end to inspirational ideas. I love the mix of shapes and textures and the odd pieces that shouldn't blend in but do somehow.

My dining room gallery wall
In my dining room, I used to have a print hanging in the middle of one wall that seemed lost. Soon some plates made their way to the sides of it. But I had this wonderful piece of wood work that needed to be showcased and this wall seemed like just the place. Still, I love my china pieces so this evolving gallery began. It's a mix of family pieces, pieces I've picked up in antique stores, some I've picked up at garage sales. Strangely, it looks more full in real life than it does in the picture. If I ever remember to pick up more plates hangers, there are a few more pieces to be added.

My bedroom gallery wall*
In my bedroom is a gallery wall that started four antique dress prints I inherited from my great-uncle and great-aunt. They have found themselves in many configurations in my room (along with a sister print to the large gold framed print). When my mom gave me the necklace that had been my grandmother's, I wanted to put it somewhere I could look at it and this gallery wall was born. The small purse was a gift and the smaller prints came from my parents. This wall is a work in progress, with another purse that will be added when I find the right pieces to add with it.

My powder room gallery 
The home decorating bloggers will tell you to start your gallery wall with a plan, to map out the wall and gather all of your materials before you start. These are the same people, though, that tell you that their own homes are always a work in progress. So it is with my powder room. After I painted it just before Miss H's graduation, I struggled to find just the thing to hang on the walls. Somehow what had been there didn't work. The framed watercolor print went up but it seemed lonely. My mom gave me the print on the wall above the towel rack and then the smaller framed print and suddenly, I had another gallery wall in the works. This one will wrap around the corner when it's done but it's slower going.

I love having these constantly evolving spaces in my home! Do you have gallery walls in your home?

*My mom has given me two more pieces since I originally wrote this post and took the picture. Once I get everything hung, this wall will be officially done. I think.

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