Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lit: Uniquely Portable Magic - Randomness

Because sometimes my brain just wanders off on its own when it gets tired of thinking about all of the things it should be thinking about, I've had all of these random bookish thoughts of late. Which, of course, I will now foist off on you. Because you're there. And maybe, by sharing, I can get them to stop rattling around in my head.

* As much as I hated the job I had for years that had become so mindless, I kind of miss it in a way because I used to be able to listen to books while I was working. Hours of listening to books guilt free! Now it can take me a month to finish listening to a book as opposed to the one week I listened to all 38 hours of Edgar Sawtelle.

* I was twelve, yes only twelve, pages into Black-Eyed Susans the other night when I knew that it was going to be a book I was not able to read in bed lest I have nightmares. Yep, that's how susceptible I am to being frightened by a book. Are you a scary book reader? If so, how do you keep from having dreams about them?

* I wish Goodreads made it possible to print off a copy of my to-read shelf so I could keep that with me when I'm in bookstores. Or is there a way and I just haven't figured it out yet?

* Speaking of Goodreads, I hardly use it any more other than as a way to track the number of books I've read. Which is kind of a shame given that it was one of my favorite sites for a long time and how I met so many of you. But, there's only so much time in a day and Amazon. Y'all know how much I'm not a fan of Amazon.

This shelf, at least, has been
* Half-Price Books may be my best ally in keeping my bookshelves culled. No, really. Every time I'm going to take books there to sell, I make a quick pass over my shelves to see if there's anything that I'm just not going to get to and add that to my box. Last time I went I took 20 books in and only came home with two new ones. Win, win. What's your best trick for keeping your book inventory under control?

* I keep thinking that I'm going to do a thorough reorganization and culling of our books but the fact that there are books on all three floors of my house is a major stumbling block. That's a serious workout I've got to be committed to before I can even do the mental work involved. All of this rearranging in my house lately has meant some shelves got a going over but not nearly everything. Do you keep all of your books in one place?

*Sometimes I go to my local library sale and don't come away with much. Although, to be honest, I'm really only looking at the audiobooks and latest releases. If I let myself go, I could easily come home with a wagon load every week. I like to stick to books that are already on my wish list and really like to find audiobooks which will allow me to get to a book that's already on my physical bookshelves.

This week I feel like I really did well. I found A Visit From The Goon Squad and Finn (which are both on my bookshelves), as well as Cry, The Beloved Country which I've been wanting to read for a long time. I found Revenge Wears Prada on the new release shelf for $2.50 but my big score was Haruki Murakami's Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage. I must admit I got a little swoon to find Murakami!

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