Saturday, April 16, 2016

Life: It Goes On - April 17

Huzzah - spring has definitely arrived! All temps for the foreseeable future in at least the 60's the flowering trees are all doing their thing and, most importantly, the annual Red/White spring game has now been played. Ohio State may have set a record for the most people every at a spring game but Nebraska was the first school that had game-sized crowds pay to watch a scrimmage. The Big Guy, Mini-me, and Miss H joined a half dozen other family members in attending and enjoyed the festive atmosphere before and after. It's the kick off for spring and for the countdown to football season! My mom, SIL, and I spent our day contributing to the local economy which has become a fun tradition for us.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for my brother-in-law. He is home form the hospital and started on the long road to recovery. Working on trying to keep spirits up in their house by taking over some meals and I might have tucked a bottle of wine in for my sis as well!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I'm on the last disc of The Girl Who Played With Fire and while I'm enjoying it I cannot for the life of me understand why an editor didn't tell Stieg Larsson that he didn't need to name every street his characters traveled down or the brand of every item they purchased. The man listed every item of furniture Lisbeth Salander purchased out of the IKEA catalog for an apartment. Dude, that doesn't help me picture the look of that apartment any better than if you'd just said she bought a sofa, some chairs, some beds, and a desk.

"42" with Harrison Ford (right)
Watching: "42" with Miss H and BG Friday night on National Jackie Robinson Day. BG and I had never seen it and were really impressed with Harrison Ford's performance as Branch Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers general manager who signed Jackie Robinson as the first black player in Major League Baseball. Miss H and her grandpa had gone to the movie three years ago when it first opened, an outing she will always cherish.

Reading: Behind The Beautiful Forevers for book club. Really fascinating and I can't wait to discuss it.

Making: Balsamic and rosemary grilled chicken, sauteed new potatoes with peppers and purple onions, beef fajitas (using a recipe from Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, which I highly recommend), grilled chicken legs, and a couple of salads. 

Planning: Plans are all kind of on the shelf for this coming week as we see what needs to be done to support my sister and her family. 

Thinking About:  How much more difficult it is to format a post since I reformatted the blog. I am constantly having to preview each post to make sure things don't look all janky. 

Enjoying: The smell of the blossoms on the crabapple trees. They are all over the neighborhood and smell so lovely when we are out on walks or just out in our own yard. 

Feeling: Tired. It's very early Sunday morning as I type this so it's been a long day which is the end to a hard week at work and a tough week emotionally. Perhaps I should have gone to bed by now, am I right?

Looking forward to: Book club and readathon this week.

Question of the week: What's your favorite thing

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