Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Salon - August 14

It's been a bittersweet week. My baby had her last first day of school (college doesn't count, not really). As I contemplate the next few months, I foresee a lot of tears (mostly mine), a lot of fun (mostly hers), and a lot of firsts mixed in with a lot of lasts. I'm wondering how that might effect the kinds of books I'll be picking up.

Coming up soon is a guest review of Lev Grossman's latest, The Magician King, the sequel to his hugely popular The Magicians. Last Christmas we gave Mini-him's girlfriend The Magicians which she tore through. So it was only logical to give her the opportunity to read The Magician King since she'll be able to offer a review that can compare this one to her impressions of  The Magicians.

Parry Gripp, who, I gather, is a regular YouTube contributor, is a huge fan of Grossman's. I'm all for anyone who wants to promote books!

I love the idea of finding new ways to display and store books and this idea for industrial pipe shelving certainly is unique. But am I alone in thinking that this doesn't look good for the books?

Coming up this week, the thoughts of the Omaha Bookworms on Willa Cather's O, Pioneers as well as the latest installments of Mythology Mondays and Fairy Tale Fridays. What are your reading plans for this week?

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