Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We Need To Talk About Kevin: The Movie Adaptation

Three years ago, Mari, of Bookworm With A View, read We Need To Talk About Kevin, Lionel Shriver's Orange-Prize winning eighth novel. When she finished, she put it in my hands, telling me it was a book that I had to read. She was right, although we had very different experiences with the book. I always say that reading We Need To Talk About Kevin is like peeling off a bandage. For some, the only way to get through the experience is to rip if off; for others, it needs to be peeled off slowly. Mari raced through the book. Here's what I had to say about the book at the time:
"I could never read more than about 30 pages of this book at a time because of the emotions it generates. I couldn't imagine feeling the way Eva did about Kevin from the beginning, I couldn't fathom the relationship between Franklin & Eva and trying to pin down a feeling about Kevin was difficult. The book is written with brutal honesty; Eva does not sugar coat her own behavior or emotions. This book, exploring nature versus nurture, is definitely worth the effort."
When I first read that a movie adaptation of this book was going to be released, I had mixed feelings. Done well, it would make a fascinating, horrifying movie. But would I be able to watch it?

Starring the always amazing Tilda Swinton and versatile Charles C. Reilly, the movie recently appeared at the Cannes Film Festival to rave reviews. Given the cast and the reviews, I'm certain that I'll see this movie at some point. Maybe it will be in the comfort of my own home, where I can slowly peel off the bandage, pausing the DVD whenever things get too tense. Which they will.

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Have you read the book? Will you see the movie?

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