Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pin It And Do It - Pink Champagne Cupcakes

Number five on the Pin It And Do It challenge for me was Pink Champagne Cupcakes. Miss H is having a hot pink and zebra print graduation (never mind that her school colors are forest green and black) so we've been looking for ways to bring pink into the menu and Miss H loves cupcakes. Pink Champagne Cupcakes seemed to be perfect and look how pretty they looked in the pin.

Of course, ours aren't going to look this pretty. We didn't have adorable little cupcakes papers and I wasn't going to bother to add those pretty little pink edible pearls. But we were looking primarily for a yummy cupcake that happened to be pink. The recipe makes 24 regular-sized cupcakes; we were making mini-cupcakes and got 48 out of the batch. For batter lickers like us, that champagne makes for an unusual aftertaste but the finished product loses the alcohol bite while retaining the champagne flavor. The frosting was a hit with my taste testers so we are a go with this recipe for graduation. Now to crank out another four dozen of these little beauties and move on to the next cake recipe. Miss H is thinking Key Lime cupcakes even if they aren't pink.

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