Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sunday Salon - June 17

I had a whole post ready for today and then decided to move it to Tuesday so I'm just going to apologize up front for what is likely to be a rambling post of bits and pieces.

I went to see Laura Moriarty (The Chaperone) at The Bookworm bookstore Tuesday night. I was really disappointed with the turnout but so happy that I had taken the time to go see her. She really is great that she inspired me to start writing again. This weekend my first article in over a year was posted at . Next up, it's time to finally get my writing center set up in our guest room.

Speaking of writing, I got an email this week about the 8th annual Write A Dear Reader contest. I don't recall see this before; have any of you heard of it or participated? The toughest thing about this contest may be that submissions can't be any longer than 650 words; that's not much time to tell a story.

I also got an email this week that writer Tess Gerritson will be coming to Omaha in October to speak at the 22nd Women & Health Lecture. Gerritson, who was a doctor before she became a writer will be speaking about her career transition, "From Physician To Fiction."
I haven't read any of her books but never fail to learn something interesting every time I listen to an author speak so I'm planning on attending. Have you read any of her books or watched the TNT series Rizzoli & Isles which was inspired by a series of her books?

This month's Omaha Bookworms selection, Generation A by Douglas Coupland, has really pushed me way out of my comfort zone. It's a short book but I've been struggling to keep myself reading. I had hoped to be done with it by yesterday but just couldn't make myself sit down and read. Now that hardly ever happens!

When I finish it I'm not sure what I'll pick up unscheduled review book, something for one of my challenges? Oh, who are we kidding? I'm going to read The Chaperone. Which I happen to have two copies of after forgetting that I already had an ARC for review when I bought a copy the other night to have signed. What are you reading this week?

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