Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life: It Goes On - April 13

It's cold and rainy today, the perfect day to curl up in a corner of the sofa and read all day. Too bad I played all day yesterday and need to accomplish something today!

Yesterday was Nebraska's spring football game and The Big Guy and I headed into Lincoln so he could go with some of the other guys from my family. My mom, sister-in-law and I spent the afternoon shopping at all new-to-me shops. Such a fun afternoon!

Miss H introduced me to a new game this week, Ruzzle. Have you played it? It's ridiculously addictive and definitely bringing out my competitive nature.

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: I'm really enjoying Anthony Trollope's The Warden; a simple enough premise but wonderfully written. Like Dickens, Trollope used some great names for his characters including Abraham Haphazard for a lawyer.

Watching: The telecast of the spring game, just so I could see some of the fun things they did including coach Bo Pelini bringing a cat out. There's a twitter account for "Fake Bo Pelini" and the picture is Pelini's head on one of those awful Christmas card pictures with a cat. Real Bo said he was fine with the account but he wanted his cat back. The crowd went crazy when he came out yesterday with a cat - and then Fake Bo Pelini tweeted "Fine, you can keep her."

Reading: I'm finishing up The Goldfinch for discussion with my book club this week. Oh so much to discuss with this one!

Making: I used the chicken I made last Saturday and made stir fry one night and tostado casserole another night.

Planning: I was still working on getting over my cold this week, not much energy, so this week the plan is just to get caught up on things around the house.

Good Things - one of the great stores we hit up on Saturday
Grateful for: Family time - we are so blessed.

Loving: This morning's thunderstorm.

Feeling: A bit frustrated - BG appears to have brought home yet another cold.

Thinking: It felt great to get back to an exercise routine this week, slowly but surely. Never thought I'd hear myself say that!

Looking forward to: Book club this week made even more fun by my parents joining us. They've both read The Goldfinch.

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