Sunday, January 18, 2015

Death Comes To Pemberly Read Along

This is one of the reasons I love following A Novel Challenge - I wouldn't have found out about this read along otherwise. Death Comes To Pemberley is on my TBR Pile Challenge list so I was excited to find that A Bookish Girl will be hosting a read along starting today. I need to finish up The Secret Place still but then I'll move on to Death Comes to Pemberley in a couple of days. I'll have to work in some scheduled reviews along the way but I'm looking forward to reading my first P. D. James book. If you're interested in joining us, here's the plan:

The posts will be broken up into sections:
1st post is for the Prologue and Book One
2nd post is for Book Two
3rd post is for Book Three
4th post is for Book Four
5th post is for Book Five
6th post is for Book Six

 The book discussion/read along posts will have a summary of each section plus discussion questions to inspire you to get talking to me and one another about the book. The discussion will take place in the comment section of each part of the book's post. I am putting them up all at once because I know everyone reads at different paces so this way you can respond to each section after you have read it and it is fresh in your mind.

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