Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh, Hey - It's Mini-Bloggiesta Time!

A.K.A. - the weekend when non-bloggers tune out. That's okay; I understand.

My weekend is pretty full - extra work during the week has backed things up and I'll be in to work in the morning for a few hours so there won't be much time to devote to the blog this weekend. is the perfect excuse to spend at least a few hours working to get things back under control around here. So my top goals will be the same as they always are: clean up my mailbox and clean up my reader. Without just marking everything read on both. If, by some odd chance, there is still time to do more, I'd really like to clean up my page tabs and labels. I'd love to add a catalog of all of the books I've read and reviewed during the next full Bloggiesta so I need to get ready for that.

And now I'm off to be productive. Or sleep. Whichever comes first.

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