Sunday, July 12, 2015

Life: It Goes On - July 12

If it didn't feel like summer before this weekend, it does now! With temps in the upper 90's and humidity driving the "feels like" temp even higher, being outside during the day pretty much means you're going to melt.

 We've had a busy, fun-filled week. Wednesday we went with friends to see the Avett Brothers at an outdoors venue. They are tremendous musicians and put on such a great show. When we got home, BG's brother and his wife were at the house; they spent the night on their way through town so we went into work late on Thursday to spend time with them.  Thursday evening was my company's annual picnic/baseball game at the local Triple A team's stadium. Miss H and Mini-him were able to join us. Another beautiful night to be outside.

Last night was date night - a trip to a local bbq food truck which we were allowed to eat in a bar across the street for the price of a couple of drinks. They were having a pin-up contest later in the evening and the place was filled with young ladies dolled up a modern-day versions of 1940's beauties. Capped off the evening with a visit to Mini-me's coffee shop. Fun evening!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I started Heidi Durrow's The Girl Who Fell From The Sky on Thursday after a trip to the library book sale. For music? The Avett Brothers, of course.

Watching: Some food shows ("Pioneer Woman," "Farmhouse Rules") and a new-to-me home show called "Stone House Revival."

Reading: I finally finished Matthew Quick's We Are Not Ourselves (review this week) and started Victoria Hilsop's The Sunrise which looks like the perfect beachy read on the cover but which promises to have some politics woven in.

Making: Shrimp and pasta, chicken tacos, caprese salad, mushroom risotto and bar-b-que'd chicken.

Planning: For another busy week - a birthday get-together for my mom's 96-year-old cousin, an evening with BG's siblings, and a trip to visit my aunt and uncle.

Grateful: To Mini-me and his wonderful girlfriend for spending another of their summer days helping my parents around the yard last week. I'm not sure who enjoys the time together more, my folks or the young people!

Enjoying: New experiences.

Feeling: Recharged after a mostly relaxing weekend. Hoping to get some reading time in yet today.

Looking forward to: Our trip east this weekend to see my aunt and uncle. The four of us will be attending a performance of Sinclair Lewis' "Our Town" on the grounds of the Brucemore mansion, picnic dinner and all.

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