Sunday, June 9, 2013

Life: It Goes On - June 9

Thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement last week (and on Facebook and Twitter!). We sprung Mini-me from the hospital on Thursday. He is staying at home until he gets his strength back so I get to mama him for a couple more days.He is otherwise completely recovered.

My house and I are still playing catch up after a week largely away from home. I've hardly left the house all weekend and it's felt great - plenty of cleaning, organizing, cooking, and reading.

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: Nature. Friday night I spent the evening sitting on my patio, reading, enjoying a glass (or two!) of wine and enjoying the songs of the birds. Yesterday, it rained much of the day but we were able to leave the doors open so we could listen to it.

Watching: Hospital monitors for much of the week still. Most of the time, Mini-me didn't want the t.v. on which was fine with me. When he did, Cartoon Network was about as focused as he could be.

Reading: Too many things at once. I'm enjoying everything I'm reading right now but it's hard to keep up with everything. I'll finish The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry this week, which I'm reading for book club, then I'll start She Rises for a TLC book tour review. The Under The Dome readalong continues into July.

Making: I have been having fun in my kitchen this weekend. Yesterday I made broiled corn (so easy and so delicious) and steak salad, two kinds of granola using a new base recipe, and steel-cut oats. Today I'm making a chocolate bundt cake.

Planning:Yet another reorganization of my books. I reorganized the non-book stuff on the bookcase in my bedroom yesterday which freed up some room. Of course, that half a shelf means that my entire book collection needs to be rearranged!

Grateful: For all of the support and love our family has gotten this week. As much as I know modern medicine saved Mini-me, what kept me going, doing what I needed to do, were your thoughts and prayers.

Loving: Having pots of herbs right outside of my kitchen again.

Thinking: It's about time to have a party.

Looking forward to: A nice quiet week!

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