Monday, August 12, 2013

Did You See Marisha Pessl On CBS Sunday Morning?

In my younger, wilder years (a.k.a. before children), I used to stay out late and sleep in late. Not so much any more. Part of the reason is so that I can be up in time each Sunday to catch CBS Sunday Morning. There are stories every week that catch my eye, that make me think, that make me laugh. This past week they had a piece about a grilled cheese competition (guess what we had for dinner Sunday?!) and this, a piece about author Marisha Pessl and her latest book Night Film.

I've been wanting to read Night Film ever since Ti of Book Chatter raved about it. I almost bought it for my Nook a few days ago but decided I really didn't need any more books. But, hey, when Charles Osgood and gang give you a sign, you've got to pay attention. Night Film has now been preordered for my Nook. I can't wait!

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