Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life: It Goes On - August 18

Even in my house, filled as it is with only college-aged young people, we are winding down summer. The boys head back to school next week and Miss H the week after that. The temperatures are going to be back up to normal this week which will help it feel like summer again. I don't love it when it gets too hot, but dang, we'll get enough days in the 60's before long. Bring on the sun!

I made the tough decision yesterday to pull out of most of the groups I've been a member of on Goodreads, one of them for over four years. I haven't been very active in Goodreads the past couple of years, rarely joining in with the groups for readalongs or posting to any threads. Still, it was tough to admit to myself that it was never going to change. I made some great friends through one of the groups, people who were so supportive of me when I started this blog. But they are all people I still stay in touch with in various other ways so I'm not giving up on those friendships.

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: I've been using YouTube to listen to whole albums while I've been out reading in the evenings including the Eagles' Hotel California.

Watching: We have, shockingly, hardly had the television on this week. So, other than some baseball and football, I really haven't watched anything except CBS Sunday Morning. Today they had a story about Cassandra Clare (link will be updated later today), author of The Mortal Instruments young adult series which started with City of Bones.

Reading: I'm finishing up The Astronaut Wives Club today and will also be finishing up The Odds by Stewart O'Nan. I'll get to start two new books this week but I haven't decided yet what they'll be. I'm thinking a review book for my regular book and a classic for my nightstand. I'm continuing A Thousand Splendid Suns on audio.

Making: Using-what-you've-got-on-hand lasagna. Mini-him requested lasagna Thursday; not having exactly what I usually use on hand, I had to get creative. I used home canned tomatoes for make a puree and V-8 instead of tomato sauce. Lots of fresh herbs later, it was pretty tasty!

Planning: More decluttering.It's a never ending battle.

Grateful for: Giant coffee mugs - I need one this morning!

Loving: Spending time on the patio reading, eating, watching the cats chase whatever critters they can find in the yard.

Thinking: I really should start cooking more again.I've been so lazy in the kitchen lately.

Looking forward to: A couple of weekend trips we've got planned coming up soon.

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