Sunday, June 28, 2015

Life: It Goes On - June 28

Feeling very lazy this morning - not quite sure what to do with myself. Usually on this day every year we are headed over to an annual family reunion. This year we are foregoing it for a number of reasons; but, it feels strange not to be rushing around, trying to put together the food to take and get out of the door to be there by noon. And also feels good to be having a weekend with very little on the calendar. I know my house is appreciating it!

Friday evening I spent at Miss H's, helping her, again, get her room cleaned up. Have I mentioned how absolutely minuscule it is? Not nearly big enough for a 20 year old girl with all of her makeup, nail polish, clothes, shoes, and crafting supplies. About the time we finally get it so that it really works for her, her lease will be up. But it's always fun to spend the time with her  so I don't really mind.

Last night was our next-door neighbors annual summer party, complete with a band, fireworks, wonderful food, and a margarita machine. Good thing we only had to walk a few feet to get home! 

This Week I'm:

Listening To: The last disc of The Book of Night Women by Marlon James. So, so good! I'm not sure I can launch into another book right away without being disappointed so I will probably catch up on podcasts.

Watching: Miss H and I watched the first three episodes of Orange Is The New Black on Thursday. Not sure when we'll have time to get back to it now that she'll be working regular people hours and we won't have Thursday afternoons. Yesterday I watched Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia in When A Man Loves a Woman. Love that movie!

Reading: We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas on my Nook. Really enjoying it so far; it continues the good reading streak I've got going right now. I finished Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven the other day and absolutely loved it - if I ever get around to updating my Goodreads page, it will be a five-star read. Review to come this week.

Making: Brownies, pastas, salads, steaks. Today we're grilling burgers, peaches and pineapple (thanks, Ti, for the peach idea!). Homemade ice cream will definitely be on the agenda for this week!

Planning: For the upcoming long holiday weekend. We have a neighborhood party Friday night with a potluck dinner then my folks are coming in Saturday so I'm working out a menu for that night. July decorating will get done this week in anticipation of the holiday and I will head off to pick up a few fireworks so my mom can have some fountains to watch, her favorite.

Grateful for: The largely calm response to this week's Supreme Court rulings. I feared it could get ugly on my social media pages but there has been no anger, at least none that I have had to face head on. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion but there is never any reason to say hurtful things that could damage relationships with people you care about.

Enjoying: Book club - even if we really didn't talk much about the book. We've had a lot of new ladies join us in the past few months and are just getting back to the point where we are all really comfortable together (and chatty!) again.

Feeling: Hopeful.

Looking forward to: Getting a chance to talk to Mini-me about his week in Amherst. He got back early this morning but is off sleeping now and with our work schedules, I'm not sure when we'll get to see him.

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