Sunday, December 20, 2015

Life: It Goes On - December 20

Oh my, where did this month go? And why does it always seem to come to the week of Christmas so much earlier than any other 25th of the month? It's been a busy week with gift shopping, book club, some holiday festivities with friends, gift making, and cookie baking. Oh yeah, and readying the house for company later today. I'm sure it's been largely the same for most of you!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Podcasts: Happier, Freakonomics, NPR Books, All The Books, and the first episode of the new season of Serial. And Christmas music - lots of Christmas music.

Watching: Volleyball! Our Lady Huskers won the National Championship last night in a sweep of perennial rival Texas. And yes, yes I did have to clean bathrooms to deal with the excitement of the match, just like football. Also, I have now watched four versions of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." The George C. Scott remains my favorite.

Reading: Not a lot. I hope to finish Extra Virgin in the next day or so and then it's on L. Frank Baum's fantasy take on Christmas, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus.

Making: Foodwise: sugar cookies, chili, enchiladas, goulash. This week will be a lot more cooking with a different kind of chili, taco soup, ham, breakfast casserole, and pastries all on the menu. Craft wise: I've made a forest, helped Miss H with some painted signs, and created a new wreath for my front door.

Planning: On using the next couple of days to lock down everything that still needs to be done for the holidays so I can have the rest of the week just to enjoy some time off work, being with family, and watching my kids open presents. I still love to do that!

Grateful for: The love and respect my kids have for their grandparents (and I include Mini-me's girlfriend who seems to adore my parents). Mini-me and his girl made dinner for my parents last night then took them to The Nutcracker, my mom's first time seeing a ballet.

Enjoying: Christmas with Mini-me's girl today before she leaves for California to be with her other family. They did such a great job picking out gifts for everyone - I got a beautiful copy of Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales.

Feeling: Tired but content and ready. Except for the wrapping. I hate the wrapping.

Looking forward to: 


and this...

and this!

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