Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fairy Tale Fridays - Coloring Books

Have you taken up coloring yet? It's certainly "the" thing for adults these days and there's a full range of prices and subject matter of books and you can spend up to $100 for a good set of colored pencils. Furthermore, I read recently that coloring is good for you - it helps relieve stress and engages your mind in ways that other activities don't. Miss H has never stopped enjoying coloring so she's very excited about the grown up options available these days.

I haven't taken it up yet - there seems to be little enough time to do the things I'd like to do as it is. Still, I used to enjoy coloring quite a lot and I enjoy doing things that allow me to be creative.  I may have actually been the one to color in a lot of those maps the kids used to have to do for school. Don't tell the teacher!

And now? Fairy tale coloring books! They might be just the thing to convince me to take up the colored pencils. After all, I'd be getting to combine two things I enjoy.

Have you joined the coloring book crowd?

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