Sunday, January 17, 2016

Life: It Goes On - January 17

Moving a little slower than the usual Sunday morning pace today. Our friends' daughter got married last night and we partied until the wee hours. No, I'm not hungover. But I am a little crippled up from nine hours in high heels, something I very rarely wear. Perhaps a good excuse to put my feet up and do a lot of reading on this ridiculously cold day.

Listening To: This week's podcasts included All The Books, Freakonomics, Radiolab, and Dear Sugar.

Watching: Elementary, Downtown Abbey, Black List, and football (of course!). Although yesterday was not a good day for the teams we were cheering for.

Reading: Remember that promise I made myself a couple of weeks ago to read my own damn books? I'm not doing so well with that one but I am enjoying reading whatever I feel like reading next. I finished The Swans of Fifth Avenue and Amelia Earhart: Beyond The Grave and I'm now racing through A Man Called Ove for book club on Tuesday.

Making: Beef stroganoff, pork chops and mashed potatoes, chili - I've been back in the kitchen this week! I'm planning on prepping some meals for the coming week today including runzas and enchiladas.

Planning: Miss H and I will head off to my parents later today; my mom is having her knee replaced tomorrow so we'll be keeping my dad company in the waiting room. The rest of the week will be a play-it-by-ear week as she recovers. Her goal is to be able to dance at my niece's wedding in October - I have every faith her in ability to get there!

Grateful for: Hot coffee on a cold day. Miss H's friend gave me this cup for Christmas - isn't it pretty?

Enjoying: Great times with great friends.

Feeling: Like I should get off the computer and get something accomplished. But it's so much more fun to visit blogs than to clean!

Looking forward to: Book club this week!

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