Sunday, January 10, 2016

Life: It Goes On - January 10

How are you all surviving this crazy winter weather we're having the past couple of weeks? We've had such a good winter (and by "good" I mean not wintery at all!) but suddenly we're battling subzero temps. Blankets in the car, hat/scarves/mittens every time you walk outside, frostbite in minutes cold weather. I'm not a fan. On the plus side, the roads and sidewalks are, for the most part, dry so getting around is not tough. As part of my "happier" year, I'm really trying to make myself look on the plus side more often.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Podcasts, podcasts, and more podcasts. Turns out that having so many podcast episodes hanging out there that "needed" to be listened to stressed me out a little every time I opened my podcasts. So, in addition to listening to a lot of them the past couple of weeks, I've deleted a lot of older episodes or episodes that didn't sound like they'd be of interest. I am really sad that Nerdette has not had a new podcast in months!
Kelsey Robinson, Kayla Banworth, and Jordan
Larson-Burbach - Nebraska alumni

Watching: The new season of "Downtown Abbey," as much football as I can find, and the USA women's volleyball team winning three matches this weekend to lock down their 2016 Olympic ticket. Three former Husker volleyball players are on the team so we love being able to watch them doing so well.

Reading: I finished Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman (strident review this week) and started Melanie Benjamin's Swans of Fifth Avenue which I'm hoping to finish today. They were perfect foils for each other! Next up is A Man Called Ove for bookclub.

Making: I worked longer hours this week so The Big Guy did most of the week day cooking (love that he does this!). This weekend I've made beef stroganoff, beef enchiladas, fajitas, steel cut oats with orange-flavored cranberries and golden raisins, and rice pudding.

Planning: Diving into my closet for the semi-annual sorting, tossing, and reorganizing. This is one chore I really enjoy doing.

Grateful for: Road crews that have kept the roads in great shape despite all of the snow and wet stuff we've had lately.

Enjoying: A new haircut.

M's Pub at the heart of Omaha's Old Market
Feeling: Heartsick - on of Omaha's landmark buildings burned yesterday. It sits in our Old Market district which is one of the go-to places and housed one of our favorite restaurants.

Looking forward to: A more normal week. Regular working hours, nothing on the agenda, time to read and cook and put my house back in order.

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