Sunday, February 14, 2016

If You Give A Girl A $20...

So, I haven't been to my local library book sale in about three months. Highly unusual for me but between not having time, not particularly being in the mood to listen to a book, and being perfectly content to listen to podcasts during my drive time there just wasn't any need. And, to be honest, I hadn't been finding things that really tripped my trigger lately so I decided to give it some time.Here's what happens when you've just revamped your book wish list, you haven't been to the library sale in months, and you've got a $20 bill in your pocket. While I'm not necessarily doing very well #ReadingMyOwnDamnBooks, I'm bound and determined not to spend any money on books that aren't already on my list, books that have remained on the list even after I've culled it. These eight were all on that list and came in just under that $20. Because if I've got that much cash, it's a pretty sure bet than I'm going to spend that much! Blood and Beauty I got in hardcover but the rest are all audiobooks.

Every time I pick up a batch of new audiobooks, I spend some moments sitting in the car afterward choosing the book to listen to first. Some poor schmuck sat behind me waiting for I don't know how long today while I was doing that. Sorry buddy!

I chose Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day to listen to first and I am loving it after just a half a disc. Frances McDormand (who starred in the movie adaptation) narrates and she does a terrific job. I was tempted to run a few more errands this afternoon just so I could listen to more!

Which of these have you read? What would you recommend I listen to next?

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