Sunday, February 7, 2016

Life: It Goes On - February 7

This has certainly been a weird week. Blizzard conditions shut down a lot of the state on Tuesday, including much of Omaha. Which meant all four of us got to stay home from work and be lazy (other than the scooping, of course!). Today temperatures are in the 40's - warm enough that we left the back door ajar for a while so the cats could rove in and out and for me to ditch socks for one day. Have I mentioned before how much I hate socks?

The new picture on the left is one that Mini-me took last winter on a trip to Colorado. I mentioned the other night that I was looking for a winter picture for my winter posts and he remembered this one. Perfect say I!

This Week I'm:

Listening To:  Radio Lab, Serial - Season 2, The Moth, StoryCorps and Happier. I'm planning on heading over to my library book sale on Thursday - I'm feeling ready to start a new audiobook finally.

Mini-me & Miss S
Watching: Mini-me's girlfriend being inducted into an honor society through her university. We were proud to stand up as her family when families were introduced - we really do think of her as one of ours. And just look how happy she makes Mini-me!

Reading: I finished The Flying Troutmans this week and started Janice Y. K. Lee's The Expatriates. I really enjoyed her book The Piano Teacher (review here) and can already see that this one is going to be just as sad a book.

View from my window
on Tuesday
Nerd Things:  I spent most of my snow day reworking my books-to-read lists. I had books on a spreadsheet, on Goodreads, on Pinterest, on little sheets of paper in a desk drawer. I'm down to just the spreadsheet and Goodreads now and there are no duplicates between the two any more. I'm actually working on getting rid of my Goodreads account. I rarely use it any more for updates, haven't been active in any of my groups for quite a while, and have no interest in supporting something owned by Amazon. I still need to move about 350 more titles to my spreadsheet and export my books-read list; I may need another snow day to get it all done!

Making: Creamy cauliflower soup (a do-again recipe but with tweaks - definitely one that needs to sit for a day or two), chili (maybe the best I've ever made according to BG although I have no idea what I did differently!), indoor s'mores, bean dip, stuffed banana peppers, and chicken alfredo.

Planning: An impromptu Super Bowl party for a dozen of Mini-him's friends. BG is headed to Lincoln to a friend's party and I was planning on sticking close to home getting some things caught up. But you know me well enough by now to know that I'm not turning down a chance to have "my" boys over!

Grateful for: Lotions and cremes and lip balms. I cannot possibly drink enough liquids to keep my skin hydrated this time of year.

Enjoying: Time with family. Friday night Mini-me, BG and I enjoyed an art/science/awareness gallery opening about water. Saturday was Miss S's induction ceremony followed by some book shopping and dinner at one of our favorite places with Mini-me, Misses H and S, and BG.

Feeling: Happy - we took Miss H to a bookstore and she actually bought more books than I did! She loves the New York Yankees and managed to find four books.

Looking forward to: A normal week. Maybe this will be that week anyway.

This week's question: What would you do with an unexpected snow day?

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