Sunday, May 29, 2016

Life: It Goes On - May 29

Memorial Day weekend! Time to bust out the summer photo! We had planned to head west to put flowers on the graves of The Big Guy's family. Instead, we moved Mini-him back out again. As so often happens with the things that kid does, the move was up in the air until Friday evening. Poof - twenty more grey hairs for me!

If you'll recall the great fiasco that was Mini-him moving back home last summer, you'll remember that sofas and entertainment centers had to be moved all over my house. Consequently, we returned home from getting him settled only to have to move furniture all over our house before we could relax for the evening last night. It was a long day and we're getting a slow start to today.
The new place

How are all of you spending your long weekend (assuming you're lucky enough to be getting one)?

This Week I'm:

Listening To: So...same book in the car. Which will be my same answer still next week. The plus side of having no television for many hours yesterday (and the Big Guy being gone shopping), was that I did a lot of podcast listening. I listened to some Get Booked, Nerdette, NPR Books, and Radiolab. Today - more podcasts as we work on projects.

Watching: The Indianapolis 500. Neither of our dads really paid much attention to at all car racing but both of them loved the Indianapolis 500. BG's dad went one year to tick that off his bucket list; my family toured the track back in the 70's and got to drive the track because of my dad's love of the race. Having grown up listening to/watching this race, it's generally on at our house. That buzzing bee sound of the cars racing around the track takes both of us back to our youth.

Reading: Working my way through West With The Night (which is beautifully written but I can only read so much at a time). To balance that, I've started Emma Cline's The Girls which could not be more different.

Making: A buffet into an entertainment center today. Because nothing would do but that we had to have a bigger television once we'd had one in the house. Which, of course, means we need a new entertainment center. We have BG's parents' buffet and entirely too many Pinterest suggestions so, before we shell out any $'s, we're going to try our hand at making something that will be uniquely ours. Pics to come (assuming it turns out as imagined!).

Planning:  A wedding. Had Miss S and Mini-me over the other evening for dinner and had fun getting some preliminary plans made. Venues, colors, attendants decided. Preliminary plans for food, music, and attire. Such fun and we are so pleased that Miss S is allowing the groom's parents to be part of the fun.

Thinking About: Garage sale this coming weekend. My sister decided to have a garage sale and asked if I had anything to put on it. Heck yes I do! Now to convince BG that we need to get rid of some things while we have to make some money off of it.

Enjoying: An impromptu Friday evening with BG. We were sitting on the patio when I got a craving for food from one of my fave food trucks. Checked their Facebook page to see where they were at that evening which turned out to be a microbrewery grand opening. Fun getting to tour the place and enjoy some new-to-us beers while enjoying great food.

Feeling: Lighter. I'll miss having Mini-him around but I'm so glad to have all of that extra stuff out of my house!

Looking forward to: A lazy day (fingers crossed) tomorrow capped by some friends' annual Memorial Day party. Also, being able to wear my white capris now that it's officially summer!

Question of the week: Are you a garage sale shopper? As I was dusting yesterday, I realized that a couple of things that we still use are things I found on garage sales thirty years ago. I don't really shop garage sales much any more (what with a house already overflowing with "stuff") and there are so many other ways to find good used goods but I do miss hitting the town on Saturday mornings with cash and friends in search of great bargains.

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