Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why, Hello There!

After planning and cleaning and prepping for the party, after two graduation ceremonies and one hooding ceremony, the party, and a house guest over a long weekend, I was pooped. And then a little sad because it was all over and the next big thing that will happen is that one of my kids will move far away. 

Best way to get over that is to get back to routines and doing the things I love. Like visiting blogs (I missed you all the past couple of weeks!) and finding a book that will suck me in and MAKE me read it. I've been popping into several books trying to find the book.

Any time I need to remember what fun we had the past couple of weeks I only need to look at that adorable tricycle planter and fuchsia plant that Miss S's mother gave us before she left. How sweet is that? Just as sweet as the young lady and her mother who are now part of our family!

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