Monday, September 17, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Bookish People You Want To Meet

My first time participating in Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish - how is it that I've never participated in this before? Thanks to BBAW for leading me to the blog! This week we're asked to list the top ten bookish people we want to meet (authors, bloggers, etc).

1. Jane Austen - I'm assuming I can bring people back from the dead, here, but I would just love to meet the person who wrote the repartee between Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy.

2. Thrity Umrigar - I have such a fan crush on Umrigar. Her books challenge me to think and her characters speak to me.

3. Caitlin Hamilton Summie - publicist for Unbridled Books, because she gets me. She is always bringing books to my attention that bring something new to the table and broaden my mind.

4. Jennie Nash (The Threadbare Heart)  - I love her books, it's that simple. Her books, her characters always ring so true.

5. Alexandra Fuller (Cocktail Hour Under The Tree of Forgetfulness) - her stories about growing up British in Africa at the end of British rule are funny, shocking, sad.

6. Michelle (The True Book Addict)  - because I would love to see her book collection. Seriously, the woman has over 3000 books! Plus she balances more than anyone I know - I could use some tips.

7. Chicks On Lit - my Goodreads peeps, the first people who started reading my blog, and some of the people I still talk to the most online.

8. Trish (Love, Laughter & A Touch of Insanity) & Lisa (Books. Lists. Life)  - I suppose it's cheating to put two people together but if I'm meeting one, I'm meeting both. And their kids. I've loved watching their kids grow up and am amazed by the way they both balance so much in their lives.

9. Linda (A Rich Tapestry) - She lives in England. And Italy. Both, yes. And so if I was going to meet her, I would totally go visit her at her place. Both of them. And if you follow her blog and see her pictures, you will want to come with me.

10. Care (Care's Online Book Club) - because she recommends interesting books, has a great sense of humor, gets Omaha, AND she has the boat. You know - the one that a dozen of us on Twitter were suddenly going to cruise on with vats of wine, leftover party food, and rye whiskey. With our theme song (which, if you don't mind massive amounts of profanity, you can find at Fizzy Thoughts - Jill does the best bookish lyrics!). Also Care rates by slices of pie. Yum!

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