Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where In The World Are You Reading?

This month for "Where In The World Are You Reading?" the hosts want to see where we read when we are waiting. At first I thought this might be a difficult task. When my kids were younger, I did a lot of reading while waiting: in the school pick up lane, in the doctors' and dentist's waiting rooms, waiting for school events to start and even between games of volleyball matches and during times outs at football games. These days I don't do most of those things. My "waiting" time, along with that reading time, has shrunk considerably.

Two days after this month's theme was posted, though, I found myself waiting, book in hand, while my vehicle had some maintenance done. It was one of those times that made me grateful that I have never given up the habit of carrying a book in my purse.

That got me to thinking - surely I'm still carrying that extra weight around because I do find myself needing a book often enough to make it worthwhile. So when am I waiting...and reading?

Well, if I happen to have a new book, or I'm reading a book where I've reached a particularly interesting part, I've been known to pull out my book at red lights.

I read in my car while I'm waiting for Miss H to get off of work, for The Big Guy to put gas in the car, for the pharmacist to drop my prescription into the slide out drawer.

I read while I'm waiting for dinner to cook, while I'm waiting for commercials to end when I'm watching tv, and even while I'm waiting for movies to start. I know, I know - I'm at the theater with other people so it would only be polite to interact but it's such great reading time!

Not all that long ago, I used to read while I was waiting for screens to update...back in the days of dial up. Thank evens we have lost that waiting time! Where are you waiting and reading?

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