Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project: The Things The Feed My Soul

When we first started thinking about moving my mother-in-law to a smaller place, one decision was easy - what to take to hang on her walls. My brother-in-law is an artist and the walls of my mother-in-law's apartment are covered in his paintings.
My brother's photography; paintings by The Big Guy's nephew and brother
Our situation would be largely the same. In fact, our families are loaded with artistic skill. The Big Guy's brother, nephew, and niece are all artists as was my great-grandmother. My brother is a skilled photographer and Mini-me is majoring in Studio Art so you can imagine that, even in a smaller place, most of the artwork I'd take along would be works by our family members.
Paintings by my great-grandmother
Even in the scenario where we only have an hour to save as much as we can, these treasures would be grabbed from the walls to be saved. My great-grandmother's paintings, in particular, are irreplaceable.

"The Angelus" by Jean Francois Millet
Drawing that line, though, is where things get tough. My grandparents had a print of Jean-Francois Millet's "The Angelus" that hung in their house all of my life. It's a fairly common print, not technically irreplaceable. Yet the copy I have hanging in my dining room now, the one that makes me think of my grandparents every time I see it, seems irreplaceable to me.

Do you have things like this, things that spark memories that make them feel irreplaceable? Are there things hanging on your walls that you absolutely would have to save?

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