Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunday Salon - February 24

Can you believe this is the last Sunday in February? I find myself wondering if this winter has flown by because I'm getting older or because I've refused to let it get me down as it so often does. People, we are only a few weeks from spring!

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: Not The Enchantress of Florence. Seriously, I've reached the point with this one where I'm not turning it on at all some days. So much going back and forth in time, so many characters - I'm not sure I really even know what's going on any more!

Watching: The Nebraska state swim championships this weekend. I don't have kids swimming at the high school any more but I still like to cheer for the team and I do love to watch swim meets.

Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes

Also, Elementary which I love and which has not disappointed me unlike a certain British program which killed off a second major character last week. I'm looking at you, Downtown Abbey! I swear I watch Elementary because it's a great show and not just to look at Johnny Lee Miller...although it's definitely one of the reasons!

Reading: Half The Sky  - this one is a tough read but also so uplifting. I'm counting my blessings with every story.

Found this week:
On Flavorwire this week I found a great link to bookish buildings. Hmm, wondering if I could get The Big Guy to repaint the house? Probably wouldn't get it by the neighborhood association, I suppose?

Making: White chili, steel cut oats, crock pot pork chops with mashed potatoes, and meatloaf. It's been a productive week in my kitchen...for a change!

Planning: A major reorganization of my books, starting with a purge. This is going to be tough.

Grateful for: Road crews who worked through the night to make sure that the 8" of snow that fell Thursday was largely off the roads by Friday morning. Now we are just left with a lovely blanket of snow on our lawns.

Loving: that my husband and his three siblings got to spend last weekend together - the first time they've all been together in two years.

Thinking: Three plus hour happy hours spent with great friends are just the way to end the week.

Looking forward to: Miss H's 18th birthday this week! Eighteen years since pink clothes, those beautiful brown eyes, and all of that sass came into our lives. We are so proud of the person she's become!

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